Daily News Round-Up for April 28th, 2009

Washington Post ( Washington , DC )

President Barack Obama has not yet achieved the big campaign promises he’ll be judged on years from now, on health care, war, the economy and so much more. It’s early, it’s a colossal load and Rome wasn’t built in 100 days.

Union Leader ( Manchester , NH )

Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta said yesterday he is focusing his eyes on a run for federal office in 2010. Guinta, a Republican, said yesterday that he’ll announce exactly which office he’d like within a few weeks, but he ruled out a run for governor.

USA Today ( USA )

A top senator says Barack Obama‘s Democratic allies in Congress have sealed agreement on a budget outline for next year that endorses the president’s goals of expanded health care and more money for education and clean energy.

New York Times ( New York , NY )

It was only five years ago that opposition to gay marriage was so strong that Republicans explicitly turned to the issue as a way to energize conservative voters. Yet today, as the party contemplates the task of rebuilding itself, some Republicans say social issues may be turning into more of a hindrance than a help.


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