RMC Members Report on Election Day

As Election Day continues we are concentrating our efforts to remind each and every moderate voter to get out and support our endorsed mainstream candidates. We’ll be reporting back once the polls close. Here are a few updates from RMC members in the field.

RMC Colorado members report that turnout in the state will well exceed 2 million voters. 1.7M of an expected 2.1-2.5M votes have been mail-in/early voting. And since the clerks can start processing 10 days prior to today, a very large % of results are expected to be released shortly after the polls close at 7pm MST.

Efforts to stop the dangerous Amendment 48 are moving in full force and we are proud to report that things are looking good that 48 will be defeated – hopefully by a large margin.

In California, voters seem to be leaning more to our side in voting against Proposition 4, another ballot initiative that would allow big government to interfere in private doctor-patient relationships and place teenagers in danger. Just days ago the polls had us down; but it’s been trending more in the “NO” vote direction over the weekend and we are urging every CA voter to get out and vote no matter how late- every vote will count.

Members in the important swing state of Virginia are reporting long lines across the state and the lines are saturated with voters, both blue Democratic sample ballots as well as red Republican sample ballots. In short, this race remains a true swing state in the Presidential elections. Early reports are that many traditional GOP voters are crossing lines to support Democrat Mark Warner for US Senate. This is the seat that is being vacated by retiring GOP Senator John Warner.

Moderate Republican Rudy Giuliani was covered today with his thoughts that Senator McCain “has got to win all the states that are Republican states. In other words, he’s gotta bring back all the Republican voters” Giuliani believes that is still a strong possibility.

Analysts are reporting that this election will produce the largest percentage of voters in 100 years – in 1908 66% of voters turned out the highest percentage to date – this year is likely to break that record.

Keep sending RRM your updates on races, polling, campaigns, and your election experiences to Elizabeth at b.elizabeth.payne@gmail.com. We’ll continue to keep you updated here, so keep checking back as we get ready for an exciting night.


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