Clinton Ends Her Primary Campaign

This Saturday, Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton formally ended her race for the Presidency and endorsed Sen. Barack Obama, who is now the nominee for the Party. In her concession speech, Clinton spoke of her historical race and thanked her millions of supporters to loud cheers from the crowd. However, when she spoke of Obama and gave her endorsement, a mix cheers and boos rang out from the audience. This demonstrates the biggest problem currently facing the DNC and Senator Obama: the alienation of the 18 million Hillary voters. The Illinois Senator has currently kicked off a swing state tour following his Virginia rally to help attract the Clinton voters. There is still no word on whether or not Senator Obama will offer Senator Clinton the vice-presidential slot on his ticket as a peace offering to her supporters.

GOP Nominee Sen. John McCain is also working hard to start attracting the Clinton vote. On his new Campaign blog, his staffers congratulated Clinton on a historic campaign, and also posted a picture of McCain and Clinton together. McCain has voiced his respect for Senator Clinton and Obama.

In other news, moderate Republican Charlie Summers has his primary in Maine tomorrow for the 1st Congressional District. Charlie has recently returned home from a tour of duty in Iraq and has been working hard to reach out and turn out voters. Charlie is a real common-sense Republican, and we urge Maine voters to vote for Charlie Summers tomorrow in the primary.


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