Primaries in NJ and CA Today!

It is easy to forget about the all important races for the House and Senate when the media is so consumed with the Democratic Presidential nomination. New Jersey and California voters will go to the polls today to nominate their Party’s candidate. It is important that the real moderate majority participate in primaries so that GOP nominees better reflect the true intent of the Party. If moderates do not vote in primaries then we only have ourselves to blame when the nominees are extremist who put divisive social issues above all.

In other election news, today is the last Presidential primary taking place in Montana and South Dakota. Will the Democrats finally wrap it up? It is anybody’s guess. Clinton has a speech planned in New York which aides have described as a “farewell address”. Obama’s camp is synchronizing the endorsement of at least eight House and Senate superdelegates. All indications are pointing towards Obama being the Democratic nominee by the end of the week. However, Clinton continues to make the electability case to Party insiders. We will continue to monitor.

We will keep you posted on developments for all the primaries around the country.


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