Giuliani and Norquist Exchange Letters

Rudy Giuliani’s campaign yesterday released an exchange of letters between Mayor Giuliani and Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform. During last week’s YouTube/CNN debate, Norquist asked the candidates whether, as president, they would oppose and veto any tax increase. Giuliani’s response was “yes”.

In what seems to be an endorsement, though not blatantly stated as such by Mr. Norquist, he has thrown his support behimd Giuliani’s campaign by saying,

“I am grateful to you for highlighting your tremendous record of pro-growth tax policy as mayor of New York City. By cutting taxes 23 times in New York, you
saved New York City taxpayers more than $9 billion in taxes and lowered the tax
burden to the lowest it had been in decades. As you’ve said on the campaign
trail, these tax cuts worked and because of them New York City’s economy has

To read Norquist’s letter in full, click here.


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