Far Right Conservatives will Further Divide the GOP

Conservative leaders James Dobson and Tony Perkins recently declared their intention to search for a 3rd Party candidate should Rudy Giuliani win the GOP nomination. Clearly, these leaders do not support Giuliani’s more moderate views on social issues, but as a Party, we must ask ourselves, “How will statements such as these help to unite our fractured Party?” The answer is simply that inter-Party bashing only serves to bolster the Democratic Party and ensure that the GOP becomes a permanent minority.

Dobson and Perkins have been two of the most outspoken leaders on attacking moderate Republicans on issues such as abortion and stem cell research, calling the real Republican majority “RINOs”. Yet now, it seems they have placed select issues ahead of the greater task of reclaiming the nation’s agenda for the GOP. Are they willing to sacrifice the future of the GOP and our nation, or will they rally around the candidate, whomever that may be, who proves to be the best opportunity for the GOP to retain the White House?

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