Michigan, Arizona Change Primary Dates

Arizona Govenor Janet Napolitano confirmed Tuesday that the state will officially move its presidential primary date to February 5, 2008 joining roughly 20 other states. This move gives Arizona, a state moving further left, more clout in the election battle. This is also the home state of Senator John McCain, who trails largely in nationwide polls against Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson. Thompson has not officially declared himself a candidate.

In addition, Michigan may decide this week to move its primary to as early as January 8th or 15th. Republicans and Democrats have agreed to work together and make a unanimous decision on their primary date. Because New Hampshire state law says that the state must hold its primary seven days before a similar contest, New Hampshire could hold its primary in the opening days of the year, thereby forcing Iowa to hold its caucuses in December.

Stay tuned to RealRepublicanMajority.org for update on these developing stories.


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