Giuliani, McCain to Skip Iowa Straw Poll

In an announcement made on Wednesday, presidential hopeful Senator John McCain declared he will skip the August 11th Iowa straw poll after it was reported former Mayor Rudy Giuliani would skip the poll.In the past the straw poll has been a strong indicator of who the Party’s nominee would be and all candidates worked to win the poll. However, with 2 of the leading candidates not participating, the influence of the straw poll is diminished.Why are McCain and Giuliani opting to skip the poll? How will the straw poll affect the caucus/primary process in 2008?
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One Response to Giuliani, McCain to Skip Iowa Straw Poll

  1. Anonymous says:

    Candidate Romney’s belicose analysis of the reason McCain and Giuliani have opted out of the Iowa Staw Poll reminds me of a school yard bully trying to pick a fight with the kid that wears glasses. Truth is the kid with the glasses has bigger fish to catch on both coasts and won’t be deterred from reeling them in.

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